Why I like living in a DOE Zero Energy Home

First and foremost this home is absolutely the nicest place I have ever lived. Outside of the energy benefits, this home stands on it’s own as a dream house! The build quality is outstanding, far and above expectation. The features I enjoy: a spacious garage, tons of storage and closet space, gorgeous flooring and fixtures, as well as high ceilings and a patio to enjoy the Colorado sun! There is really nothing more I could ask for in a home, my morning ride to work is just over a mile, I can bike or skate when the weather is nice, which is almost always. Did I mention location? because the location is perfect.

Now, on to the energy benefits….

First, there is a substantial economic benefit in going with solar/geothermal. Yes I will pay an upfront cost, but the utility savings more than pay for that. The economic factor is further improved in knowing that the value of my home will be much higher as future generations look for their housing needs.

The second benefit to me is knowing that I am making an effort to “vote with my wallet” about an issue I care about. Sure I may be spending a bit more on housing right now than someone who forwent pursuing a more eco-friendly home. I see that money as well spent on an issue that matters many than most of the issues that are at the forefront of the political conversation. In a way, I am acting as a “single issue voter” when it comes to my home purchase decision.

And the third reason I think it’s important is because I work in the green energy sector and projects like this are important for continued growth in that sector. The best way I can put it is saying I want to “put my money where my mouth is” or “eat my own dog food” as far as standing by products that demonstrate a move from traditional fuel for home energy is not only possible, it’s happening, and it will continue to grow until it is “the norm”.

I really do think it comes down to planning for the future and being proud to be part of what I think will be a shift towards a lot more housing like Revive throughout Colorado and the country.”

Kindly, Eric Roberts

My husband and I quickly made the decision to purchase a townhome at Revive once we learned about the solar power, geothermal heating and cooling & the excellent insulation. The townhome is the perfect fit for our lifestyle. We take pride in owning a house that allows us to not only live a more sustainable life, but also allows us to save a significant amount of money on our utility bills (the utilities in homes we lived in before ranged from $150-300 a month). At our townhome last month, our utility bills were $11. We also noticed a huge difference between the insulation in our new house vs. other homes we have lived in. Immediately after we moved there were several large snowstorms and it was quite cold. Our house stayed warm without the heat kicking on every 10 minutes.

The layout of the house is beautiful and we love the modern design. We enjoy the large windows that allow great sunlight to come in all day long, which also helps to keep the house warm in the winter. The two bedroom/two bathroom set-up is great for two people (and a cat & dog) and allows for us to also have guests. There is a large amount of storage in the garage and the kitchen/living room open floor plan is amazing. We also plan to spend every evening in the summer sitting on our 2nd story porch. While the outdoor space is minimal, we believe the layout of the front yard & second story porch allows for us to maximize the smaller space. With our ever-increasing population on the Front Range, we know it makes sense to live closer to your neighbor and to not have a large backyard.

We also are excited about the community of Revive, which is unlike most neighborhoods we have seen in Colorado. The future community garden, orchards, park, and upcoming businesses that will be a part of the community are another reason why we purchased the home. The neighborhood is set up is to encourage interaction and relationships with your neighbors, which is very important to us. North Fort Collins is also a great location, while it is still up and coming, it is close to Old Town, restaurants, breweries, and close to my office. We can ride our bikes everywhere which is another great plus.

We believe that we have made a great investment with the purchase our townhome at Revive- from saving money on utility bills and living a more sustainable lifestyle in such a great community, we are proud to be first-time home owners in a home that suits our lifestyle.

Hally & Scott Strevey, townhome owners at Revive Fort Collins

“The most energy effecient homes in Colorado! To measure the energy used in a home, an industry standard was created called the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). A standard existing home has an average rating of 130, while a new home’s average energy rating was set at 100 by the Department of Energy. Comining outstanding designs, geothermal heat, solar power and an experienced contractor, these houses, confirmed by energy audits, have negative HERS ratings, producing more energy than they consume! Last month, one of the houses “earned” over $100.00! If you visit the houses, be sure to watch the power meters going backwards.” – View on Facebook

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