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  • The Stanley
    From $ 570,000
    SOLD OUT! Main Floor Master + Carriage House 2,531 Total Square Feet 3 Bed + Loft 1 Full, 1 Half, 1 Jack & Jill, 1 Three-Quarter Bath
  • The North Star
    From $ 550,000
    SOLD OUT! Main Floor Master + Carriage House 2,224 Total Square Feet 3 Bed + Loft 2 Full, 1 Three-Quarter, 1 Half Baths
  • The McIntosh
    From $ 540,000
    SOLD OUT! Great Entertaining Area + Carriage House 2,096 Total Square Feet 2 Bed + Loft 2 Full, 1 Three-Quarter, 1 Half Baths
Revive Properties — A Geothermal and Green Community in Fort Collins Enjoy the future of quality living, just minutes from Old Town Fort Collins at Revive Properties. The next generation of homes is built to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home standards, a designation that only the top 1% of builders achieve. The homes at Revive Properties are high performance and generate energy by geothermal (constant ground temperature) and solar electric. We can now track how much electricity each home produces. They are the Homes of the Future — available today. Recent Recognition & Achievements


The U.S. Department of Energy recently named Philgreen Construction's Lotus Townhome at Revive as a 2017 Housing Innovation Award winner in the Multifamily category! Revive also won a 2017 Housing Innovation Award in the category of Production Homes, making it the second year in a row to win in both of these categories. Also in 2017, the Lotus model won ‘Best Green Home’ at the Northern Colorado Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes.

All of our homes exceed the requirements for Zero Energy Homes. 251 Urban Prairie St earned a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of Negative 8 and 255 Urban Prairie St came in with a HERS score of Negative 16. Read more >>

2017 DOE Housing Innovation Awards
Revive was a double award winner at the DOE Housing Innovation Awards with an award in the Production Home category for our Stanley model and an award in the Multifamily category for the Lotus model. The Lotus | The Stanley

"I made money on my utilities last month. What did you earn?" Go Green Go Revive!
Photocopies of home owner utility bills may not be a common handout, but at Revive we keep copies of utility bills from home owners in the sales office to show prospective buyers. Check out this utility bill for 245 URBAN PRAIRIE ST UNIT A with a credit!


For more details about the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program, visit the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home website.
Why I like living in a DOE Zero Energy Home
by Eric Roberts, Revive Homeowner

"First and foremost this home is absolutely the nicest place I have ever lived. Outside of the energy benefits, this home stands on it's own as a dream house! The build quality is outstanding, far and above expectation. The features I enjoy: a spacious garage, tons of storage and closet space, gorgeous flooring and fixtures, as well as high ceilings and a patio to enjoy the Colorado sun! There is really nothing more I could ask for in a home, my morning ride to work is just over a mile, I can bike or skate when the weather is nice, which is almost always. Did I mention location? because the location is perfect. Now, on to the energy benefits..."

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